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Technical Data 

CSR v01
  • Measurement range ± 1.25 to 2.5 °
  • Build-in low-noise pre-amplification and signal conditioning allows for measurement rates of 10 Hz
  • Highest linearity and accuracy
  • Sensor output: 2 analog voltage outputs 0 ... + 10 V
  • Mounting: Adjustable with 3-point spring mounting
  • Outdoor-proof encapsulation
  • All-metal housing for excellent EMC shielding
  • Industrial-grade connector for easy hook-up
  • Also 3 sensor configuration availble for increased accuracy

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For more on applications, a performance analysis, and comparison to other systems, see article of S. Wilbert / DLR: "Circumsolar Radiation and Beam Irradiance Measurements for Focusing Collectors". Download file Download Extended Abstract

Circumsolar Radiation and Measurement Principles of BPI-CSR460: 

CSR Skizze1  Learn more about circumsolar radiation and the measurement principles of CSR460.


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