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BPI Monitoring Systems

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Technical Specification BPI-SYS


BPI-Sys1 web
  • Connectivity: up to 30 sensors for temperature, irradiation, wind speed, DC/AC system current, DC/AC system voltage, tracker position, spectral information
  • 24 bit A/D conversion with periodic auto-recalibration of all channels
  • Integrated into outdoor cabinet (IP 65) with DIN-Rails for easy expandability
  • System control and data upload via GSM/GRPS network, satellite optional 
  • Failure tolerant system: up to 4GB on board storage for buffering several months of data in case of network problems   
  • SPS/PLC functionality with event triggered recording: collects only important data
  • Database for easy information storage and retrieval on a desktop PC with automatic synchronization

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  • Monitor with an independent system all important information of your solar system.
  • Use the operating data information to increase the yield of your solar system and lower the costs of each kWh produced 
  • Install it together with your latest PV cell, module or inverter developments and see which of the design variations have the biggest potential 
  • Use your own trusted instruments or let us compile a set of the best sensors from manufacturers all around the world to generate the most accurate measurement results at the best price.
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