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BPI Universal Amplifier

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Technical Data

AMP1 pic01AMP1 Case1 web 

    • OpAmp based ultra-low-noise current amplification
    • Fixed amplification factor of 104 to 106
    • Input range: 0-10 µA / 0-100 µA / 0-1000 µA
    • elected electric components from leading manufacturers for superior signal performance and stability among the entire industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.
    • Outdoor-proof IP-65 encapsulation with excellent EMC shielding
    • Choices of connectors for input and output:
      Fischer, LEMO, Din M12, Lapp cable clamp, BNC (only input)

Download file Download Specification (English) 
Download file Download Specification (German)


Photodiodes are frequently used for the detection of light. For most illumination conditions, they produce a very low current in the range of a few microamperes only. Black Photon’s new AMP1 amplifies the low current of a photodiode (or any other sensing device), and outputs a convenient 0...10 V analog signal.

Most of the measurement applications appear in rough environments: Frequent temperature changes, dust, humidity and rain can affect common measurement electronics significantly. The low signals of many sensors are easily affected by a typical high electromagnetic noise industrial environment. With Black Photon Instruments' new AMP1 current amplifier, these signals can be conveniently amplified very close to the sensor. This way, the highest possible bandwidth and noise rejection of the measurement system is guaranteed.

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To assure the best performance under rough environmental conditions, we selected the best resistors, capacitors and operational amplifiers from leading manufacturers. The result is a superior signal performance and stability among the entire industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Contact us for a detailed analysis of linearity, accuracy, drift and temperature stability.


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